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Released May 2022
Run time 1h 52m
Directed by Scum, Romeo Davis, Sonny St-Clair, Paul Morris, Max Sohl, and Adan Medina
Produced by Max Sohl and Paul Morris
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HEAD KNOCKERS (TIMSUCK VOLUME 11) is the newest collection of cum sucking, dick-servicing, face fucking swallow scenes directed by Adan Medina, Paul Morris, Scum, Max Sohl, Romeo Davis & Sonny St-Clair.

Featuring some of the very best legendary TIMSUCK cocksuckers like SAGE DANIELS, GEORGE GLASS, ROGAN HARDY, OWEN POWERS and CAEDON CHASE.

ROMEO DAVIS gets blown by RORY STONE. SAGE DANIELS sucks off ALLEN. GEORGE GLASS treats himself to the infamous cock of BJ SLATER. RYAN SNEAUX has a double helping of cock and cum from SAMSON & SAM BRIDLE. ROGAN HARDY has his face fucked and fed by big-dicked KIDDO. TREVOR SNOW takes control of OWEN POWERS’ mouth and throat. CAEDON CHASE shows why he is one of TIMSUCK’s best cockhounds when he kneels down to take care of DEVIN MASTERS.

HEAD KNOCKERS also includes two of TIMSUCK’s best scenes of the year: NAKED YOGUI & EMANUEL - called a masterful blowjob by viewers, and in a new extended edit ANTHONY CRUEL & JPACK, a scene we thought was too extreme but was loved by the TIMSUCK audience for its brutal rough facefucking.

Media Type
  • 3-way/Threesome
  • BBC
  • Cum Swapping/Snowball
  • Muscle
  • Oral/Sucking/Swallow
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Head Knockers (DVD + Download) $10 more

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