What I Can't See

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Released January 2005
Run time 1h 19m
Directed by Paul Morris
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Controversial from the day it was released, WHAT I CAN'T SEE is the FIRST BAREBACK GANGBANG VIDEO.

For an entire evening, one cum-hungry San Francisco bottom was mounted bareback by 25 men and took over 20 loads.


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  • Bareback
  • Gangbang
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Original Brad
The year was 1999 I believe, and What an adventure!

To think it all started with an act of kindness, wiping the sweat off the back of a stranger while at a sex party.

I remember my confidence vividly, but like everything in life some things begin to fade away. I'm glad I now have something to look back on, and thump my chest.

Thanks B fo inviting and asking Paul if I could participate.
Thanks to the men who hung out with me the days and/or nights afterwards.
Thanks Paul for everything. (I bet you're still hot too.)

Original Brad

p.s. I still do a SMH when I see your brand at that time Paul, skaters, inserted into the flick, in my scene with... :) jga
Original Brad
What a night, what an adventure.
To have it all start with a moment of kindness, wiping down a complete strangers back full of sweat, enough sweat it looked like a tiny pool, to being invited to participate in this night of sexual fantasy becoming reality.

I remember my confidence vividly, but everything else, as time goes on, becomes a distant memory. When watching though it's always a fun game of Where's Brad? There sitting on the floor, there next to the dresser, etc...
It was a blast!

Thanks B for having me and asking Paul to invite me.
Thanks Paul for everything. (I bet you're still hot too.)

Original Brad

p.s. Paul inserting your brand at the time, the van of middle finger skaters, still produces a WTF / SMH response from me. :) jga
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