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Run time 27m
Directed by Max Sohl

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SEX in the abandoned piers and in the back of meat trucks. It's an honored - but disappearing - NYC sexpig tradition. And this first scene, shot in the infamous Meat Packing district of Manhattan, is a rawfuck homage to that nearly-lost sleazy practice.

Handsome mandog PAT JACKSON brings new meaning to the term "service station" as he takes on pumpers MARK SERGEANT, KURT KAISER, MATT WALKER and JACE HAWK.

MARK SERGEANT advances from his first outing in DAWSON'S 50-LOAD WEEKEND PART 2 to take a star turn in this video that defines power fucking. KURT KAISER and SERGEANT trade-off ramming JACKSON's hungry hole. After a while, the bottom actually worries that they're ripping his butt up.

"Fuck! You're scaring me!"

"You're wearing my fuckin' hole out!"

[ The tops just grin. ]

"Tear him up, man!"

And PAT JACKSON proves he's a worthy SPERM BANK, as his eager ass takes every deposit o' jizz right out of all those big fucking cocks.

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  • Anonymous
  • Gangbang
  • Gape/Rosebud
  • Hung
  • Monster Cocks
  • Oral/Sucking/Swallow
  • Outdoor/Public
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