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Released February 2022
Run time 10m
Directed by Paul Stag
Produced by Paul Morris and Max Sohl
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Scene 1 from SMASH-AND-GRAB

Into the woods of the infamous London cruising grounds, BRETT TYLER (UK) goes looking for dick. Does not take much before coming across skinhead STEVE MCGUIRE (UK) who is on the hunt for a good sub to submit to his needs. And by needs, we mean a fine uncut cock and full balls. Brett is on his knees in the dirt sucking Steve’s cock, but Steve wants the cunt. “Ruin his fucking hole.” Some ass to mouth and Steve is fucking. The top covers Brett’s mouth to shut him up and then pounds him as Paul Stag eggs them on. “Rip that fucking hole apart.” Steve gets a good rhythm going, churning up the cum in his nuts and enjoying the view of his meat in the camera. “Watch me cum.” He explodes his jizz all over the wrecked hole and finishes off deep, fingering any missed load into Brett’s ass. There is some great alternation between the cock being cleaned off by the bottom’s mouth and making sure the final drops of cum go up the bum. The two men go their separate ways with Steve’s load left in Brett’s butt.

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  • Bareback
  • Monster Cocks
  • Outdoor/Public
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