Slobber Bone - Scene 3 - Johnny Moon & Shadow

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Released June 2024
Run time 12m
Directed by Elliott Wilder
Produced by Damon Dogg and Paul Morris
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Scene 3 from SLOBBER BONE


SHADOW is one of those ridiculously handsome men who knows that he can get what he wants.  And when it comes to getting his dick sucked, he’s more than likely gonna treat the cocksucker like a warm, wet hole to use.  Nothing more, nothing less.  


You’re either going to totally envy JOHNNY MOON or you’re going to feel sorry for him.  Shadow uses his mouth like a cheap, disposable fuck toy.  This isn’t love, this isn’t romance.  This is horny carnal need, pure and simple.  Animal sex drive.


By the end of the scene, Mr. Moon looks used up and worn out.  But by god, he also looks satisfied.  He did his job and he did it damn well, and he fucking loved every second of it.


Wouldn’t you?

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  • Oral/Sucking/Swallow
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