Shafted - Scene 7 - Aitor Ike, Leohandriu Chavez & Lucifer Paz

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Released June 2024
Run time 15m
Directed by Adan Medina
Produced by Paul Morris and Max Sohl

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Scene 7 from SHAFTED

You may have noticed that when three Latin men get together for sex, there’s always an alpha top, a beta top and a bottom.  It seems to be a law of fucking nature.

You’ll recognize the alpha as the perfectly named Lucifer.  He’s a man who doesn’t ask if he’s being too rough, he doesn’t ask if you’re ok.  You’re there to take his cock and serve his horny needs.  Period.

If you’re like me, you’ll love LUCIFER PAZ’s full untrimmed bush.  Fuck yeah! I just wish I could smell it.

Obedient bottom-boy AITOR IKE enjoys Ass-to-Mouth action while the two tops, Lucifer and LEOHANDRIU CHAVEZ, take turns fucking him and then having him suck their dicks.  By the end of the scene, the bottom’s ass is red, pooched out and loose.  His whimpers are real, but he willingly takes those two dicks like a champ.

And happily, he ends up with two fine loads up his guts, a well-earned reward!

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