Shafted - Scene 4 - JPack & Valerio Valdy

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Released May 2024
Run time 15m
Directed by Adan Medina
Produced by Paul Morris and Max Sohl

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Scene 4 from SHAFTED

There’s nothing like pulling open a stud’s well-worn dirty jeans and taking his cock in your mouth without hesitation.  The heat, the sweat, the smell, the taste—fuckin’ essence of Man.

VALERIO VALDY is the kind of manly sub who really understands things like that—and he lives for them.  He’s the kind of guy you’d swear is a top—swarthy, macho, bearded, handsome, lean and mean.  But he can’t wait to get JPACK’s sturdy dick in his mouth, tasting its musky sweat and getting it all spit-lubed so he can slide it up his ass.  

And once that thing is inside him, handsome cock-hungry Valerio rides it like his life depends on it.  

I’ve already told the guys who shot this: more Valerio!  Let me know if you agree—drop me a line at  Who knows?  I might set you up to pork handsome Valerio yourself!

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