Shafted - Scene 3 - Tito Papito, Alberto Paez & Kayser Magnum

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Released May 2024
Run time 15m
Directed by Adan Medina
Produced by Paul Morris and Max Sohl

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Scene 3 from SHAFTED

A perfect trio of sex pigs.

TITO PAPITO is a cock-hungry slut.  ALBERTO PAEZ is a handsome stud with a beautiful body.  And the aptly named MR. KAYSER MAGNUM is a huge-hung Latin stud who knows his big dick is god’s gift to the world.

We put these three in an apartment and, to be honest, we were fucking delighted with the chemistry that was unleashed.  Each man was perfectly true to form and they provide a text-book example of scorching hot manfucking.  

Alberto fucks like a pro, a man with a LOT of sex under his belt.  If he’s on Rentmen, I’d buy him.  

Mr. Magnum fucks like a serious thug.  Never smiling, he knows that with every stroke he’s hitting that second sphincter deep inside the bottom.  He knows the bottom will remember this fuck for a long time.  No need to be nice.  You’ll either love this stud or you’ll hate him.  No in-between.  Personally, I loved him.

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