Shafted - Scene 1 - Daniel Palmas, Kristian Conner & Toro Bravo

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Released May 2024
Run time 16m
Directed by Adan Medina
Produced by Paul Morris and Max Sohl

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Scene 1 from SHAFTED

You’ll want to watch KRISTIAN CONNOR’s hands as DANIEL PALMAS’ fuck-hole slowly gobbles down Kristian’s fat cock.  A lot of pornographers make the mistake of not focusing on men’s hands, but men speak with their hands during sex.

During that voluptuous slide down, Kristian’s hands are motionless, frozen a few inches away from the bottom’s torso.  Kristian is totally focused, savoring every moment as his cock slides inch by inch, deep into the bottom’s warm welcoming fuck-guts.

But Kristian is one of those avid sex-imps who also loves to suck dick while he’s fucking a hungry whore bottom.  But soon he clearly wants to give all his attention to his own dick, deep inside Daniel.  So, he guides Daniel’s head so he can take over cocksucking chores, leaving the lad in spit-roasted bottom-bliss.

These three young men—one total bottom, one cock-worshiping versatile stud, and one simple-minded and hung total top named TORO BRAVO — explore every way to use, abuse and enjoy each other.

A solid scene worth studying!  Personally, I found myself watching Kristian most of the time.  How about you?  Who did you identify with?

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