SCUM - Scene 4

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Run time 09m
Directed by Kyle Ferris and Scum
Produced by Paul Morris and Max Sohl

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Scene 4 from SCUM

BLAZE AUSTIN and ROMAN MAVERICK get all their hungry whore holes filled and drilled by the thick dicked top team of ALEX TIKAS and JAMAICAN BOI.

Blaze has no trouble throating Jamaican’s full 11 inches while Roman greedily gets gag-fucked on Alex’s beefy cock. Like two pigs at the trough, these boys devour those dicks, just making their holes hungrier and hungrier to be fucked.

Both bottoms bend over ready to get rimmed and rammed! Alex and Jamaican Boi line up for the butthole buffet and eat the sweet muscle holes to their hearts’ content. Once the boys have been slicked, it’s time they get dicked!

Finally Roman and Blaze take the deep steady double cum filled fuck.

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