Scene 1 - Bone Head

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Run time 15m
Directed by Paul Morris

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I kick off BONE HEAD with an extra heavy-duty punch: MICHAEL is a true (and very intense) top who knows that his cock should get exactly what it wants. And JOEY is one of those fine cocksuckers (we've all met them on occasion) who is married-with-kids, but who learned early on that he needs to suck dick. I'm guessing this encounter might be called downright sadistic, but both men were deeply engaged and ultimately got exactly what they wanted.

MICHAEL takes what he wants: JOEY barely get started before MICHAEL grabbed the back of his head and start brutally dicking his throat. At one point, he sticks his fingers in JOEY's mouth to stretch it wider to accomodate his fat uncut cock.

Wide-eyed and helplessly gagging from the relentless throat-ramming he's taking, JOEY has no choice but to take it all. MICHAEL does give JOEY a break here and there, letting him spit out excess throat-juice and desperately suck in some air before MICHAEL drives his cock hard 'n' deep down JOEY's throat again and again. I have to wonder what JOEY's wife would think, seeing her strapping husband reduced to nothing more than an obedient fucktoy for skinny and sadistic MICHAEL's cock.

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How is Michael is one scene??? Seriously his dom skills are unreal. I watch tons of porn and this scene is by far my most watched. Like do you know how great a scene has to be to watch it at least twice a week. Nothing makes me cum harder. Oh and Joey keep up the sounds baby!
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