Ryan Sullivan's Island (USB)

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Released April 2011
Run time 1h 06m
Directed by Paul Morris
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In 2008, 24 year old Ryan Sullivan set out from his Nebraska hometown with Hollywood aspirations. Instead he found himself in San Francisco, "the cool gray city of love," making a documentary about a porn company. Paul Morris presents Ryan Sullivan's acclaimed and shocking narrative about Treasure Island Media, ISLAND.


“This is no ordinary documentary. Ryan Sullivan tells a deeply personal story, dragging us from his hometown to San Francisco [on a] kind of existential quest. [Island] explores the shattered relationship between two brothers while penetrating the world of a wildly controversial underground porn studio.

-Voisin, Tadah Blog

“Usually, documentaries about porn either turn into porn or miss the obscenity of porn entirely. One exceptionally gifted film maker manages to reconcile the two by invoking a superior beauty, a superior mystery. [Ryan Sullivan] has filmed scenes of gay porn as if he were the next Pasolini or David Lynch.

-Richard Mèmeteau, Cultural Critic and Professor of Philosophy

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