Ready To Unload - Scene 5

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Released August 2019
Run time 44m
Directed by Kenny Host
Produced by Max Sohl and Paul Morris
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Scene 5 from READY TO UNLOAD

The grand slam of Ready to Unload is this 45 minute 8-man orgy slash SILVER STEELE gangbang that culminates in a massive amount of frozen DOG CUM funneled into Silver’s hole.

Things start off with everyone sucking and Silver getting some hole help from DINO. JD DANIELS slams into Dino’s ass setting the temperature for the orgiastic storm that follows! The men get acquainted teasing themselves with anticipation and getting a taste of what’s to cum.

Silver Steele gives Dino his first fuck from a PA’d cock. Hurts so good doesn’t it? DEREK NORTH shows us what a sloppy deep BJ should look like before he and BRIAN BONDS take turns slipping their dicks into Silver’s hole. Serious sodomy ensues and the whole lot of these sperm-swapping sluts go hog wild on each other’s pig holes. Silver is positioned on the bed and each man steps up to breed his hole.

There is some major double dick fucking as the guy’s stretch that ass to the limit and take turns filling it with jizz.

Fully loaded with fresh sperm, Silver then presents his hole for the CUM SLUSHIE. A frozen treat that goes way beyond the “Devil’s Dick” - saved by the men of Treasure Island especially for the occasion. The jar of “Dog Cum” is slowly melted into Steele’s ass and once 75% is in – the guys take turns fucking and adding more hot cum to his ass and then finish it off with the final frozen cum cube before breeding him again.

The rivers of cum are definitely leaking, squirting and flowing.

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Jimi Hendrick
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DOUBLE PENETRATION enthusiasts this is the scene for YOU! The dual double penetration INTERNAL CUMSHOT ending is mouthwatering good.

Main Highlight:

In 'Part 1 Warm Up' @07:25 (MASON LEAR aka) DEREK NORTH and BRIAN BONDS in the cowboy double penetration position begin their double load Romp of SILVER STEELE.

@10:15 Now in the reverse cowboy double penetration position DEREK NORTH unloads deep inside SILVER STEELE’s ass, as his pulsatin’ cock dumps and pumps an endless load of cum. The extreme close-up shot of this raw, bare double penetration action is hot to watch.
What a scene, raw sex and so passionate. The moment when he deposits the frozen sperm is incredible, we feel all the pride of Silver Steele. He is flooded with cum but the highlight of the scene is right after when they remove the plastic cup. Brian Bonds volunteers to fuck him straight, he's ready to fuck him. Brian introduces his cock, they remove the cup and Brian cups all the cum which also pours on his cock, it's incredible, the art of lubricating an ass with sperm.
A masterpiece from Keeny Host. Beautiful to see Silver Steele sitting on Brian Bond’s face after a dp and discharging the contents of his cunt into Brian’s mouth, which Brian greedily laps up.
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