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Run time 19m
Produced by Paul Morris
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GAMBITO & FONSECA INK meet up at the top of the stairs and there is no mistaking who is who given the set of fine tattoos all over Fonseca’s body (including the bio-hazard tattoo on his skull). Fonseca is already rock-hard dick out and grabbing Gambito’s ass. Gambito asks to taste Fonseca’s cock and he obliges fucking his face, slapping his meat all over the wet lips, and sitting back to get serviced. All this sucking gets Gambito hard also and the tatted man sucks Gambito’s dick before turning him around and burying his face in his ass. Mr. Ink LOVES to eat ass! Fully erect and leaking pre-cum, Fonseca slides in and starts to ram the hole with quick rapid hard thrusts. In a surprise flip move, Gambito – now with his hole completely open – has the former top assume the position, rims his ass, and shoves his cock in, using the butt to get his dick hard. Mr. Ink also loves to have his pussy turned out, and the now top does just that as we see his egg-shaped balls getting tighter. Several positions later – and some impressive contortionist moves on the part of Fonseca – Gambito cums - and as his sperm coats the inked man’s insides, Fonseca shoots his load.

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