Legendary Stud Ethan Wolfe (DVD)

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Released August 2018
Run time 2h 00m
Directed by Dice and Paul Morris
Produced by Paul Morris
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ETHAN WOLFE is back with a vengeance – and so is his thick massive cock (man, that meat is as fat as my wrist!). After hanging up his porn hat just 3 years ago, Ethan contacted us and said he was ready to fuck on camera again. We didn’t have to think twice! As a welcome back, we decided to give them man his own LEGENDARY STUD ETHAN WOLFE.

This “best of” features all his hottest scenes plus three (yeah we said 3) brand new EXCLUSIVE scenes shot recently. Pax Dei - or the peace of God. Written across his chest, that’s exactly what versatile Ethan likes to give his bottoms, baptizing them bare with his thick, (un)holy cock. His fucks are intense and electrifying, emanating well beyond the screen. A former marine with serious cock-hunger, Wolfe brings his “honesty and personal code of honor” into the fuckroom with an epic drive for mansex - attributes which led director Paul Morris to describe him as “an embodiment of what Treasure Island is all about.”

Already famous as a model before his BAREBACK DEBUT on TIMFUCK.com and in MANFUCK MANIFESTO, Wolfe became a TIM exclusive in 2012, enjoying a meteoric career before he retired from porn in 2015. This “sweet, polite, and charming ex-soldier” proudly obtained his TIM cred with his mesmerizing roles in TIM films, and sports a well-earned biohazard tat.

Relive this legendary fucker’s best moments with his roles in FUCKTARDS, BAD SEED, BUGGERY, and more…

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  • Bareback
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