GOOD BREEDING - Scene 5 - Ander Hard & Avatar

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Released May 2024
Run time 12m
Directed by Machoflix and Barranco Deeick
Produced by Luis Lumem and Paul Morris
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Scene 5 from GOOD BREEDING

In every Treasure Island Media movie, we do our damnedest to include at least one scene that reaches the farther shore of male sexual hunger.  And this is that scene.

And holy fuck, this is one filthy fuck.  Take one look at seasoned, heavily pierced stud, AVATAR, and you know this dude has been deep, very deep in mansex for a long while.  Every lickable inch of the man, from his huge veiny cock to his ballsack (with FIFTY piercings!) proves that it takes someone very special, very depraved, to equal him.

And that brings me to ANDER HARD.  If you want to see a man who knows what it’s like to live in the constant fever of male sex hunger, here he is.  He’s handsome, sure, and has a fine furry tatted torso, but you won’t even notice those, I’ll bet.  His sexual need, his burning hunger for DICK and FILTH and MORE DICK is all you’ll see.

I love these two men, and I seriously loved this scene.  A+

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