Fuck Me, Bro! - Scene 1

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Released October 2019
Run time 11m
Directed by Dice
Produced by Paul Morris and Max Sohl
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Scene 1 from FUCK ME, BRO!

During TOPHER DIMAGGIO'S trip to Portland, he wanted to pound a hot tight hole!

We contacted Seattle native, PEYTON CHRIMATA, to see if he was up for getting some dick. He definitely was and drove down to Portland to get his dump filled.

Topher tosses this guy around and fucks him in several different positions until he is ready to load him up.

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Great ass to mouth scene. Topher is a damn fine Top. Would love to see him in a threesome scene with two young twink bottoms.
<p>T.I.M. and Topher I have to give you mad props all the way around! Sorry Topher but I have to say in the past I never cared for your work in porn, at Andrew Christian and honestly didnt even see you as an attractive man-just being honest. Then tonight I just decided to hit up Treasure Islands site and wanted to see something recently released-there was Topher and Peyton's scene and I decided to give it a quick view and fully expected it to be the most disappointing Treasure scene in the history of me watching it but I started it. I dont know what it was if I was tired, fucked up, super horny or what but Topher was the sexiest man I had seen in months and I got fucking rock solid and my hole was twitching and I wanted to be Peytons mouth and ass so crazily. I nutted so fucking hard watching them fuck just seconds before Topher blasted that big juicy jizz tsunami. Single scene totally rewrote the story of now one of my favorite porn studs in my fantasies! Boy you fuckin rocked it and would love to have you rock it in me anyday! You look amazing and hot as fuck-I guess you grew up or something but damn I want a live version of you hanging around my bedroom all the time to jerk off to or better yet have you get off with my holes assistance-night or day!</p>
<p>Chad in Denver Colorado</p>
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