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Released December 2023
Run time 11m
Directed by Elliott Wilder
Produced by Paul Morris

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Scene 1 from FRENZY

This match-up between GREG RILEY & AUSTIN LACROSSE will keep you guessing with this Sub / Sir / Daddy combo.  Austin is ass up on the bed, while hungry Leatherman Greg eats his rectum out and milks his cock.  Suddenly, Greg is flogging Austin’s bubble ass cheeks and demanding that each stroke be counted out loud.  Greg turns Austin over and sits on his face.  Austin jumps up and tosses Greg’s legs up in the air so he can get his tongue deeper.

“I’m so horny.”

Next thing ya know, Austin is sliding his hard cock into Greg’s butt and begins to fuck him.  We thought all this time that Greg was gonna be the top here, but ya learn something new every day! 

Sir Greg demands sub-Austin’s cock and load and he gets it.

Media Type
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  • Anal
  • Bareback
  • Bondage/BDSM
  • Breeding
  • Daddy
  • Daddy/Boy
  • Dom/Sub
  • Muscle
  • Oral/Sucking/Swallow
  • Rimming
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