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Released August 2008
Run time 2h 21m
Directed by Paul Morris
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PAUL MORRIS, "the most notorious man in porn," presents FEARLESS, a pornvid for men who live for sperm-driven, double-dick manfuckin'. We have it all in this one--sex-slaves,dominant brutal fuckers,submissive ex-Marines, and testosterone-driven studs with baseball-sized meat swingin' between their legs.

These fuckers lay it all on the line to explore the extremes of real man-to-man sex. SLAVE-DOG WILL, BRAD MCGUIRE, CHRISTIAN, horse-hung stud JERRY STEARNS, DEREK ANTHONY, STEVE TUCK, SEAN STORM, PHOENIX MICHAELS, ALAN GREGORY, MARCELO MASKO, FYERFLI, JACOB SCOTT...and a horde of sex-ramped wildmen.

FEARLESS fucking man-apes doin' what they were born to do. Here's what happens when you put 'em together and let the testosterone run free.


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  • BBC
  • Daddy/Boy
  • Dom/Sub
  • Double Penetration (DP)
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Michael C in DE
If there is a gay porn equivalent of Citizen Kane, Vertigo or The Godfather, Fearless is it. The unscripted story it tells is germane to the understanding of raw man-on-man sex, both in the literal and figurative meanings. It is a joyous celebration of fucking and unbridled man-sex, of orgiastic, emotional intensity. It's authentic, with high production values that, for me, make it watchable over and over again, always stimulating and satisfying. More than any film with men in it, it makes me want to transport myself into the middle of the action. Thank you, Paul Morris et al.
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