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Released October 2022
Run time 12m
Directed by Adan Medina
Produced by Max Sohl and Paul Morris
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Scene 2 from DON’T PULL OUT

We know you love seeing KAMILO RIOS top, now we get to see him show off a different side and take care of aggressive topman JPACK’s dick. Kamilo starts by sucking his bud and licking his balls as if to coax the cum from JPACK’s nuts. JPACK fucks the throat good. If you have seen JPACK in action, you know he wants to fuck. Kamilo bends over the table and sticks his bubble butt up in the air, presenting his bussy for JPACK to use. Kamilo gets on top and rides JPACK’s dick doing his best to milk the shaft with his hole. JPACK gets him on his back and starts to ram his dick hard and fast until he cannot hold back and his cum shoots right into Kamilo’s ass. “Look at that ass filled with cum.” Yes, Daddy, we can see. Kamilo ends things by jerking out a load and spilling his seed all over the floor.

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