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Released September 2023
Run time 11m
Directed by Elliott Wilder
Produced by Paul Morris
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Scene 5 from DICKLESS MEN

MASON LEAR is like a fine wine that has gotten better with age. He is now sporting the most stunning mane of black hair that has us feeling a certain way!

Mason starts his encounter with ZAC SNOW by locking up Zac’s tiny dick. (Wonder how long he kept that key?) Mason’s hardness is on full display – rock hard, curved to the sky and raging to fuck. Zac sucks the pork while Mason licks the ass.

Zac gets on all fours so Mason can spread his cheeks and slide his dick in. Damn, that cock looks good sliding in and out of this man-cunt. Mason positions his foot on Zac’s back to reinforce who is the boss. Mason fucks Zac on his side and then tosses him on his back. Zac’s cock appears to be trying to get erect but there is only so big it can grow in the confines of the cage.

“Face down ass up.”
That’s the way Mason likes to fuck.

Mason breeds Zac’s hungry hole which Zac dutifully licks clean.

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