Dawson's 50 Load Weekend Part 2 (USB)

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Released February 2006
Run time 1h 42m
Directed by Max Sohl
Produced by Max Sohl and Paul Morris
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The story is already a sex legend: a young man named DAWSON, with a disarming grin and perfect bubble butt, approached us wanting to spend an entire weekend taking loads, just to see how many he could get. The result was DAWSON'S 20-LOAD WEEKEND. Amid a storm of scandal and controversy, DAWSON's reputation as one of the cum-hungriest pig-bottoms EVER was born.

We weren't surprised when DAWSON told us he wanted to do it again. But this time he wanted to go even further: he was determined to more than DOUBLE the number of loads!

Our New York director MAX SOHL was only too happy to oblige, so he and DAWSON joined up in New York City to see if the handsome cumbucket could surpass his own record. For five days the insatiable DAWSON took load after load after load...

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  • Bareback
  • Cumdump
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