D.O.C. 6 Hard Training (USB)

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Released January 2013
Run time 3h 02m
Directed by Paul Morris
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At TIM, we've all but set up a school for advanced cocksucking. And guys come to us all the time asking for experiences that will hone their skills, and give them the edge that'll make men line up to shove their dicks down a well-trained, ever-hungry gullet.

So sit back, get to stroking your cock, and watch some ace dick-dogs doing their damnedest to learn the finer points of the timeless art of man-pleasing - Paul Morris (2013).

(9 SCENES - CAST: Brad McGuire, Jack Allen, John Dahl, Luke Bennett, Ben Bailey, Blue, Blake Daniels, Calvin, Caleb, Calypso, Chris Perry, Chad Brock, Nick Moretti, Keiran, Truckee, Sven Norse, Fyerfli, James Roscoe, Tennessee, and More)

Media Type
  • Cum Swapping/Snowball
  • Face Fucking
  • Oral/Sucking/Swallow
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