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Run time 30m
Directed by Paul Morris
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BILLY's blowjob party is followed by a huge cocksucking party that we threw at the SF SOMA bar, The Powerhouse. At one end of the room a group of hungry men is busy sucking and slurping on each other's hard dripping dicks, while at the other end of the room a gloryhole has been set up and cock after cock is sucked and serviced.

Servicing all the hard dicks at the gloryhole is the job of young blond newcomer, BRIAN. BRIAN's concentration as he takes on dick after bigger dick is truly impressive: he doesn't notice the cameras around him at all, he's just perfectly attentive to each throbbing phallus that slides, oozing pre-cum, through the gloryhole.

He's briefly joined by ERICH LANGE in sucking-off a particularly big fat uncut dick - one of the most perfect and beautiful cocks I've ever seen. cocksucking legend LANGE nurses the hot spunk out of the oversized cock, then drizzles it into BRIAN's open whimpering mouth. Share and share alike ...

In addition to BRIAN and LANGE, the party features TOM TOMORROW, DHAMIBOO (from DAMON BLOWS AMERICA Volume 1), the now infamously cum-and-cock-hungry MIKE O'NEILL (of BREEDING MIKE O'NEILL fame), and a host of young men who have never been in a porn video before - but wanted to show off their love of sucking and getting sucked, feeding and getting fed.

In D.O.C. Part 1 & Part 2 I'm documenting my passion for men who suck cock and the beautiful cocks they suck. I focus on the faces of the cocksuckers, and often don't show the faces of the men getting sucked. This is especially true of the gloryhole segments of the Powerhouse party, but in general I'm more interested in a guy's cock than in his face - unless he's the one sucking the cock.

If you are passionate about cock, about cum-swallowing, about sucking off and servicing men until you're in an altered state, get D.O.C. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. This is the best cocksucking vid I've ever made.

- Paul Morris




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