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Released September 2020
Run time 1h 06m
Directed by Max Sohl and Paul Morris
Produced by Max Sohl and Paul Morris
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CHEAP THRILLS 12 CHEAP THRILLS is back with Volume 12 – this value-packed collection of hardcore barebacking and extreme fucking that gives more cumbangs for your buck. The newest collection has 5 new scenes and a special bonus fuck of pounding and seeding.

CHEAP THRILLS 12 features lots of ass-to-mouth, hard fucking, and men going from scene to scene with cum up their holes or showing off their versatile side.

Featuring ANDY ARCADE, JD DANIELS, KENNY HOST, DALE SAVAGE, ERIC SMYTH, JAY TAYLOR, DIEGO TOVER, BUDDY WILD, and the new guy that has been driving all of you nuts: ZADDY.

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  • 3-way/Threesome
  • Bareback
  • Daddy
  • Oral/Sucking/Swallow
  • Rough Sex/Hardcore
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