Breeding Marcus Isaacs

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Released July 2014
Run time 2h 15m
Directed by Max Sohl
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Following in the footsteps of Mike O’Neill, Billy Wild, Dawson, Christian and Ian Jay, MARCUS ISAACS joins the upper echelon of Treasure Island Media’s elite corps of cum insatiable power bottoms in Max Sohl’s new sex tape BREEDING MARCUS ISAACS.

I first met Marcus in April of 2012. Looking back at my notes from that day two things I wrote stand out. “I fell in love with him instantly.” and “The thought of getting bred gave him an immediate hard on.” We shot his first porn scene in July and premiered it on TIMFUCK.COM in October.

I knew that day in April that it was only a matter of time. BREEDING MARCUS ISAACS was just waiting to happen.

For all intents and purposes this could have been called Marcus’ 20 Load Weekend - except that it wasn’t shot in one - but we did plan an all day fuck fest to coincide with NYC’s Black Party.

The premise would be simple.  Let’s see how many loads we can get into Marcus' hole in one day.

Along the way we filmed Marcus with the incredible Australian FLYNN EVANS. I’m in love with Flynn. Got him double fucked by ANTONIO BIAGGI and RAFAEL CARRERAS. I’ve always been in love with Biaggi and Carreras. Introduced him to ERIK GRANT the mainstream pornstar making his Treasure Island debut on DVD. Those tats. Those eyes. That cock.

Then there was the load up idea. I hit social media and asked guys to send me their cum. Freeze it in condoms and overnight it where it would be put to good use. A leap of faith because they had no idea what we were going to do with their DNA. When the jizz filled rubbers started arriving from all over the world we lost count of how many scumbags there were. When we served them up to Marcus -- literally on a silver platter -- his eyes glazed over and his hole started twitching.

Once Marcus’ hole was good and wet, I whored it out all day long to anybody who wanted to seed it. The parade of all-star top men who stopped by reads like a who’s who of bareback porn. RAY DALTON, LUKE THOMAS, CUTLERX, ADAM RUSSO, TONY BISHOP, SHANE FROST, SEAN PARKER, CHAMP ROBINSON, ROB YAEGER and so so many more.

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Totally horned up Marcus Isaacs is XXX in every scene....a classic!! His thick cock is always hard when he's getting fucked and shoots quite a load as well. All the tops are so into him...literally!!
A TIM classic!! Every scene with Marcus, who always has a big ol' hardon while he's getting plowed is so fucking hot! And he shoots huge cum shots and proves why he deserves his own film.
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