BONE READY - Scene 2

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Run time 21m
Directed by Kenny Host and Paul Morris
Produced by Paul Morris

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Have you ever heard an ass moan for cock? Try spending a couple hours in a car with NATE GRIMES. It was no surprise that the moment we arrived in Palm Springs, the whore’s pants came off and he was ass up, whimpering like a baby for more dick!

Fortunately, stud daddies TOMASSO WILCOX and EMMETT FROST were boned up and raring to go.

The tops' dicks were sucked into NATE's bunghole and the damned thing massaged loads out of the two men. After it had sucked their dicks dry, it wanted more, so TOMASSO and EMMETT slid their fists in. They thought that would sate the hole, but after some serious fisting they had to feed it their dicks---and a second pair o’ loads.

Most mortals would be done in by now, but NATE’s legendary hole was just getting warmed up!

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A legendary black gifter and a raw load daddy. This is definitely one for the books.
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