2019 Binge Box (DVD)

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Get it all - get it at once! This holiday-only special gives you the chance to buy a fuck-ton of our porn, all from 2019 for one low price.

Back by popular demand (and when you demand, we deliver! Yes, sir!)

Available on our stunning crystal USB flash driveLOADED with all of our 2019 releases. That's right, you can have it all; all the fucking, all the gangbangs, all the breeding, all the cocksucking sluts, all the uncut dicks, the gaping hairy holes, the gallons of jizz! 2019 was one of the best years we can remember, and we want you to have all of the incredible fuck flicks from it. 

Filled to the brim with 17 massive movies that you NEED in your collection!

17 Movies ($789 value)

MEAT HOLES "If you're a top that loves to plow a hot ass or a bottom that loves to get used, this movie is for you. Fucking holes like they’re nothing but a slab of meat and making it known they are made to take dick and made to be pounded and filled. These men do just that, they use, they fuck, and they take. All men go through hunger and when they do, they crave.

You go on the hunt for prey to satisfy that hunger. As a bottom you crave to be taken, you crave to be used, and you will do whatever and whoever will fill your hole’s needs. As a top you search for that willing Meat-Hole."

RAW DOGGING  Chemistry.  Every one of the scenes in RAW DOGGING has an undeniable chemistry between the men as they fuck and breed.  There are big cocks.  Cut and uncut.  White men. Black men.  Latin men.  Whore hole bottoms happiest when they have a hard rod up their ass.

It also has Treasure Island’s first puppy scene. Don’t know anything about puppy culture? You are about to find out!

DONKEY-DICK NUT-JUNKIES (of Mexico) with seven bareback fuck scenes featuring the biggest Mexican uncut cocks and the sluttiest whore holes.


BUTT LUNCH - BUTT SNACK 2 Back by popular demand in the porn stash, for all you ass-eating aficionados – a collection of rimming centric scenes. While there is some sucking and some fucking – every scene in BUTT LUNCH is really about the fine art of going to town on a man by licking, savoring, eating out his hole.

KENNY'S RAW FUCKS Vol 2 is the second video from producer, director and total slut Kenny Host. Six brand new fuck scenes with all the charm from a man who truly loves sex.

CHEAP THRILLS 10 is Treasure Island’s infamous value series with lots of hard fucking bang for your buck. Three full-length bareback scenes. We got so excited for VOLUME 10, we included in an extra bonus breeding.


HARD CUTS III. Liam Cole's gathered 22 of his most brutal tops and piggy bottoms in EIGHT new balls to Union Jack fuck scenes. Including a live sex gangbang in a London porn shop and an extended bonus 4-way Berlin underground group fuck fest.

All Liam’s best European hard core tops – along with their massive UNCUT dicks are here: Fostter RivieraCraig LondonPeto CoastAnton Dickson, and Sam Porter – to name just a few. And a pack of his all-star fuck sluts: Matteo Valentine, Alex Silvers, Jake Ascott, Carl Jacobs, Dean Anderson, Russ Magnus – and so many more!!!

CUM TUNNELS Dice and Damon Dogg bring you CUM TUNNELS, a new fuck film shot entirely in Palm Springs, a place where men go to get away and drink, fuck, stretch holes, fist and take loads. Seven new scenes including one crazy outta control 19-man gangbang of DAMIAN ARCA. Featuring DICEJD DANIELSPARKER LOGANDEAN ROGERSSILVER STEELEMICHAEL ROMAN and many many more.

“It’s fucked up and raunchy." – Parker Logan

COCK 2 Due to popular demand - following the success of COCK - we are bringing you an all new collection of big dicked stallions showing off their meat and cum. COCK 2 features TEN all new scenes with men like JASPER STONEJACK DIXONSAWYER SWIFTGIOVANNI SUMMERSETHAN WOLFECHASE PARKER and more. As if that were not enough jizz, we have Included a special bonus scene with power bottoms THE MORGAN BROS sitting side by side rubbing two out just for you.

FORESKIN ISLAND the ultimate bareback destination, the only place on earth where condoms are officially banned by law and being bred balls deep over and over again under the hot tropical sun is fucking mandatory.

Mega hung European studs into serial seed spreading and hard load mixing all head to the tropics with sandy beaches that go on for miles, all stained with heaps of unused unwanted trodden under foot man-spunk. Every guy has acres of extra skin on their knob here and are just waiting for a hot tongue to go right beneath the sleeve of their dick to taste what lies beneath and explore the horny smelling cock head hidden within. When these huge foreskin cocks fuck raw ass the skin slides all the way back to produce the hardest and most wild earth shattering ejaculations.

PAUL STAG took a mixture of huge European stars and some complete newbies - several of whom had never been fucked raw before - to this breeding holiday spot and recorded it all for your wanking, foreskin sniffing, sick and twisted sexual pleasure. Filmed right on the equator the guys arrived covered in sweat with pit stinks to die for, and left covered in as much white stuff as the tops ball sacks could produce. Six hot scenes including a three way on a public beach.

READY TO UNLOAD The Treasure Island crew takes a field trip to Palm Springs with SILVER STEELE and JD DANIELS and film a lot of horny men who are READY TO UNLOAD. JAY BRIXDADDY CREAMJACK HAMMERDAYTON O’CONNOR, NOAH PARIS and GIOVANNI SUMMERS fuck in intense 1-on-1 breeding sessions. Silver Steele hosts a 8-man birthday orgy – and he’s no fool – takes most of the cum from BRIAN BONDSDINOCHRISTIAN MITCHELLDEREK NORTHBRODIE RAMIREZ and T WILLCOX.

SO YOU WANNA BE A CUMDUMP is back!!!  Cumdump bottoms from all over the world have begged us to be the next TIM cumdump and we decided to see what they got.
 The rules are the same - these whores agree to get ass up face down and get fucked by ANY dick we bring in.  You wanna talk about “no load refused”?  They don’t know who is coming or how many loads they are getting.  

And lucky them - the fan favorite bottom has been promised his own full out gangbang in an upcoming Max Sohl movie.

SUCK DICK SAVE THE WORLD 7, we’ve been around the world. Treasure Island Media went right around the fucking globe to bring you a collection of men from all over doing what men have been doing since time infinitum. Sucking Dick. Saving the World.

10 explosive scenes from directors Dice, MECOS, Adan Medina, Paul Morris, Paul Stag and Max Sohl. Filmed in Portland, New York, San Francisco, Colombia, Mexico and London.

SEXPIGS IN A MAN-TRAMP PROMISED LAND A US journal for professional security services cited two things as the greatest threats to security in the US. The first: terrorists. The second: men having sex in public toilets. Seriously.

This insanity is a symptom of the fear the straight world has concerning men fucking and sucking freely with each other. That’s the battle we face now. If sex is easily given and freely enjoyed—if you can go anywhere to get a great blowjob or find willing men ready to fuck and be fucked—then the widespread pent-up frustration and dissatisfaction with life that keeps the wheels of commerce rolling might be threatened.

Revolution through butt-fucking, in other words. And my friends, I say it’s time for that revolution!  For the first time in human history, there’s no reason why all men shouldn’t be fucking all the goddamn time.

We don’t need babies anymore——there are way-the-fuck too many as it is! We don’t need for men to work constantly—-automation and computers are making our labor redundant and unnecessary. Fuck yeah!

The great question facing men is this: what do we fuckin’ do with all the free time? I say TAKE YER BLOATED DRIPPIN’ DICK IN HAND AND LET IT LEAD YOU TO A MANSLUT PROMISED LAND! And—surprise!—-my new video opus will help you find your way. Gentlemen, I give you SEXPIGS IN A MAN-TRAMP PROMISED LAND! Come ’n’ get it!

CHEAP THRILLS 11 a mini value packed collection of hardcore barebacking and extreme fucking. Here we go with CHEAP THRILLS 11 with three all new full-length bareback scenes and an extra special fuck bonus breeding just for you.

FUCK ME, BRO! Sometimes men just need some men time. When you see that dude walking down the street – you know the one who gives you a wink or a head nod and you know what they mean and what they want. When you're at home hanging out with your homies and all of sudden he starts grabbing his crotch secretly - you know what that means. Guys will be guys.

LATIN ASS STRETCHERS – the second movie from LATINLOADS.COM - is filled with huge uncut cocked horny top men fucking like pandejos in heat. Six extended scenes from Adan Medina filmed in South America. Lots of Latino cock servicing and breeding. Each scene featuring a good fuck hole getting stretched wide open for man sperm.

Media Type
  • 3-way/Threesome
  • Bareback
  • Daddy
  • Gangbang
  • Group/Orgy
  • Interracial
  • Jocks
  • Latin
  • Monster Cocks
  • Rough Sex/Hardcore
  • Uncut
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I have bought these BINGE boxes of porn every year since Treasure Island started doing them. I don't know how they can sell their entire years worth of porn at such a low price, but it makes waiting for the holiday say very hard. And watching all that porn makes ME and my partners very HARD. You don't HAVE to binge all the porn at once, of course! LOL This is one of the BEST values online!!!!!

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